Josefin Johansson

My name is Josefin Johansson and I am a goldsmith in Falkenberg. I started my company (Josie's Jewels) in July 2011. I work with both gold and silver and various precious stones. My business consists of design, manufacture and reworking of jewelry. Education I went to Dackegymnasiet in Mjölby where I trained as a goldsmith. This was a high school education of three years. I then started the KY education (qualified vocational education) in the autumn of 2009 which is a further education. I completed this training in the autumn of 2010. During my ky training, I did a 21-week internship in Gothenburg at Guldsmedjan AG / AU Design.

For more information about my jewelry or orders, can you contact me by phone or email. Phone number: 0736954387 Mail: